How to put a password in WhatsApp video call?

How to put a password in WhatsApp video call?

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How to put a password in WhatsApp video call?

Can I lock a video call in WhatsApp? That is a common question.

Today the whole world has become a slave of social media. In this way, we can not forget the name of WhatsApp.

Let us discuss the security of WhatsApp today.

Nowadays, there are many things on our WhatsApp that we cannot share with everyone, for which WhatsApp has given service, through which we can hide things from other people in our personal WhatsApp.

By the way, if we see, so far there is such software and utility in which we can give the password to the video call of WhatsApp, but we can definitely give the password when WhatsApp opens.

Let us give you more important information about it.

How to activate the WhatsApp Password/ Face ID/Touch ID?

Almost the same setting you can get in iPhone or Android Phone.

  • First of all open WhatsApp Application

  • There set an option in WhatsApp.

  • Go to the Settings option.

  • Open the Account setting

  • Select the Privacy option.

  • Open Security option.

  • Select Screen Lock / Fingerprint lock

  • Turn on the Touch ID or Face ID.

You can select to choose if you want to use fingerprint lock authentication or Face id lock.

Archive-WhatsApp-conversation-to-hide-guide, password in whatsapp

How to Archive WhatsApp Chat?

If you want, you can also hide text or voice talk from a person with a particular time.

The name of this method is Archive WhatsApp Chat.

1.- If you want to hide the personal chat, then you will press and hold the personal person with that name for 2 seconds. It will be selected and you will have an archive option in the right side corner on your WhatsApp screen. You press the same, now your lick has disappeared from that list.

2. If you want to hide more than one, then as long as one of your person’s chat is selected by long press, you can select others as well at once and by clicking on the above archive option then more than one Are also archived together

But keep in mind here, it stays hydrated only for some time, if the message of the archive person is at that, then it has gone back unhide.

How to use WhatsApp Status privacy?

WhatsApp has given nice features called status where you can share your text, photo, video and gif files. Which appears only 24hours after release. If you don’t want to share your status with few people or you want to share your status with a few selected people. that is also possible.

  • First of all open WhatsApp Application

whatsaap internal setting, password in whatsapp

  • Go to the Settings option.

Whatsapp status setting, password in whatsapp

  • Open the Account setting.

how whatsaap account setting

  • Select the Privacy option.

whatsaap privacy setting

  • Open status option.

whatsaap status setting under privacy

There are showing 3 More Options.

how use whatsaap status privacy setting

  • My contacts- Where you can share your status with all the numbers you have saved on your mobile.

  • My contacts except…- It means WhatsApp will not show you status with blocked contacts in WhatsApp list.

  • My share with…- It means you can share your status with only people who will be selected by you only and they are only can see the status other will not appear the status.

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