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How to fix if laptop keyboard not working

Laptop keyboards can sometimes become unresponsive or stop working altogether. Fortunately, there are many possible solutions to fix this problem.

The first thing you can do is reset your keyboard. Disconnect the power source and remove any external devices connected to your keyboard (such as a mouse). Next, hold down the power button on your laptop for approximately 15-30 seconds to fully discharge the electricity in your laptop.

Many of us have faced the problem where our laptop keyboard just stops working or isn’t working as well as it should. This can be frustrating and the fix is usually the same. Most of the time there is a loose connection somewhere, which you can diagnose by removing the keycaps and carefully inspecting any ribbon cables to make sure they are still firmly seated in their connections. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, it may be due to a bad port (i.e.

As much as we love our laptops, the one thing that is never convenient about them is when the keyboard stops working. Is there anything worse than typing away on your computer and all of a sudden not being able to enter any letters? Well, luckily there are many different ways to fix this issue without having to call the laptop company.

-The first step to fixing this problem is finding out what type of laptop you have. Is it an Apple MacBook or an HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba laptop?

look into reason behind, Why does your laptop keyboard is not Working ?

Many people are having trouble with their keyboards at one time or another. Some reasons for this may be a hardware failure, software issues, or simply interference from external sources. Regardless, it can often be narrowed down to a few common problems. The first is that the keys on the keyboard are broken. If only one key is broken, you can usually easily replace it yourself by removing the old key and replacing it with a new one.

It is a common problem that laptops stop working and it often leads to frustration. Fortunately, there are a few suggestions that may help you identify the issue and get back to typing.

If your laptop is new and has never been spilled on, but the keyboard still does not work, it may be time for an update. The latest computers and laptops have better keyboards than older models.

How to fix if laptop keyboard not working.jpg

It can be a problem with hardware or software.

Keyboard Hardware issue : Symptoms and Solution

Symptoms of Of Keyboard Failure Hardware issue

When you notice that your typewriter is falling apart, it may be time to invest in a new keyboard. Usually, this is due to the keys sticking together and not working correctly. This usually happens because our hands are constantly on them, which causes more dirt and grime to get on them. Typing too fast also contributes to the problem, as well as the use of liquids on them. When this happens, it can be hard to type anything out without making some mistakes.

The keys on your keyboard are supposed to be comfortable, but what if they are sticking to the point that you are struggling to control everything? This could be a sign that your keyboard is too dirty and needs some TLC. If you’re not sure how to clean it, here is a quick and easy guide:
1) Take a small brush and dampen it with water.
2) Brush the dirt and gunk off of each key separately.

Symptoms of Of Keyboard Failure Software issue

Keyboard not working or typing wrong characters. keyboard working in bios or command prompt but not working in windows while working. There are many possible reasons for this issue including an incorrect power supply, low battery, driver problems, malware infection, and hardware failure.

Well Known Possibilities If Keyboard doesn’t work
Drive issue

A driver issue with your computer may be at the root of your keyboard being unresponsive. If you’ve ever attached a different keyboard, that driver may be interfering with and disabling your current keyboard. You can use the device manager to remove the drivers for the newly attached keyboard to fix this issue.

Mother Board issue

Every day, thousands of people across the world use their computers to work on school, home, or business projects. While most of the time it is just a matter of plugging in an external device or restarting the computer, sometimes something goes wrong with the keyboard and nothing appears on the screen. This situation can be very frustrating and is not uncommon. Most problems with keyboards are related to the Motherboard.

A fast and easy solution for a keyboard not working is to plug in the computer’s USB port. This usually fixes the issue quickly and without any fuss. If this does not fix the keyboard, it might be a bigger problem with the motherboard.
Some common issues with motherboards are short-circuiting, damaged components, or loose connections. These issues can easily be fixed by replacing or re-connecting the component that is broken.

Hidden Dire and Spills

There are many reasons your keyboard might not be working. Before assuming it has been broken, make sure to check for spilled liquids, hair, dust, and dirt in the keyboard. If the former causes are ruled out by a quick inspection, then restart your computer to see if that solves the problem. If this doesn’t work, it is time to call tech support or take your computer to a repair shop for a more in-depth analysis of what is going wrong.


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