HP 72

Premium Ink Cartridge HP 72 – C9403 A – , C9371 A C9372 A C9373 A)
Alternativ Ink Cartridges HP 72 (HP C9403 A, C9371 A, C9372 A C9373 A)
Lifetime warranty – Top Quality
Suitable for: HP Designjet T1100 24 Inch, T1100 44 Inch, T1100 MFP, T1100 PS 24 Inch, T1100 PS 44 Inch, T1100 Series, T1120 24 Inch, T1120 44 Inch, T1120 HD, T1120 PS 24 Inch, T1120 PS 44 Inch, T1120 SD, T1120 Series, T1200, T1200 HD, T1200 PS, T1200 Series, T1300, T1300 44 Inch, T1300 PS, T1300 Series, T2300 eMFP, T2300 PS eMFP, T2300 Series, T610 24 Inch, T610 44 Inch, T610, T620, T770, T770 Hard Disk, T770 Series, T790, T790 24 Inch, T790 44 Inch, T790 PS 24 Inch, T790 PS 44 Inch, T795


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