What is the RAM in Computer

What is the RAM in Computer?

What is the RAM in Computer? This is a very common question for students and new computer learners. It’s very necessary to know about the ram if you are using a computer because all the performance of the laptop works depends on RAM. If you have a good amount of RAM on your computer, laptop, or smartphone. The performance will never lack. But the performance also depends on the processor also. but initially, RAM is the basic part to give all information to the processor. If the user command is easily going to the processor that means the system is fluently working. There are many parameters to see the performance of the computer system.

If RAM is sending you data or information speedily to CPU/Processor to calculate or output you need. That is Called RAM working except it RAM also maintains which application you are using, What is the system working in the background, all software, antivirus, and other utilities you are using in your computer these all maintained by RAM only.

What is the RAM Actually Full Form?

Random Access Memory is the actual full form of the RAM The main memory in a computer, smartphone, or tablet. RAM is the temporary working space where your command is process and data are executed. What makes RAM “random access” is its short term memory which only remembers before the final execution. As you all know that computers read and write or understand 0101010 languages. RAM is a temporary space where you save your under processing command before sending the processer and final result. It is generally used for the software and final result we save in computer harddisk which calls permanent storage until users delete the data or corrupted by a virus.

What is Physical RAM?

This is a very interesting question, We have seen most people know about that physical ram. But the all detail about the RAM we will share with you.

There are two types of RAM.

  1. SRAM- Static RAM
  2. DRAM- Dynamic RAM

SRAM- Static RAM

The SRAM Static word means that the RAM which consumes more power than the new technology RAM. In SRAM there were data losing chances were higher. A blue error was a common issue when the user was using heavy command the SRAM in past systems. The basic issue was that was not refreshing own. That technology was based on transistors without using capacitors in the circuits.

What is RAM SRAM Diagram

DRAM- Dynamic RAM

The Dram is not like SRAM, DRAM continues to refresh the data processing and maintain data in the right order and maintain performance also. It rewrites and we can say rearrange the data 100 times in a minute. According to the price, SRAM is higher than DRAM. DRAM manufacture by transistor and capacitor also.

What is RAM DRAM Diagram

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