HP LE03XL battery for X360 Convertible Envy X360 15-W, X360 Convertible 15, X-360 M6-W, Pavilion X360 13-S

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NOTE: we have 2 options in this battery 1. Original HP battery 2. Compatible Non-HP (choose the desired option)
Type: 10.95 Volt Li-Polymer Laptop Battery
Capacity: 4000mAh / 43.8Wh Condition: New
All Battery Products provide 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Warranty does not cover Free Gifts
12 months warranty (Genuine Product)
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Compatible HP Battery Part Number
Compatible HP Laptop Model Name
Envy X360 15-W000NAEnvy X360 15-W000NFEnvy X360 15-W000NGEnvy X360 15-W001NQEnvy X360 15-W002NLEnvy X360 15-W002NQEnvy X360 15-W003NAEnvy X360 15-W003NQEnvy X360 15-W010LAEnvy X360 15-W030NDEnvy X360 15-W030NGEnvy X360 15-W050NAEnvy X360 15-W050NWEnvy X360 15-W050SAEnvy X360 15-W051NWEnvy X360 15-W054NWEnvy X360 15-W056CAEnvy X360 15-W060NZEnvy X360 15-W072NWEnvy X360 15-W090NBEnvy X360 15-W092NBEnvy X360 15-W100NAEnvy X360 15-W100NCEnvy X360 15-W100NDEnvy X360 15-W100NFEnvy X360 15-W100NIAEnvy X360 15-W100NKEnvy X360 15-W100NLEnvy X360 15-W100NMEnvy X360 15-W100NQEnvy X360 15-W100NTEnvy X360 15-W100NWEnvy X360 15-W100NXEnvy X360 15-W100UREnvy X360 15-W101NAEnvy X360 15-W101NCEnvy X360 15-W101NFEnvy X360 15-W101NIEnvy X360 15-W101NMEnvy X360 15-W101NOEnvy X360 15-W101NQEnvy X360 15-W101NSEnvy X360 15-W101NTEnvy X360 15-W101TXEnvy X360 15-W101UREnvy X360 15-W102NAEnvy X360 15-W102NEEnvy X360 15-W102NGEnvy X360 15-W102NIEnvy X360 15-W102NIAEnvy X360 15-W102NQEnvy X360 15-W102NSEnvy X360 15-W102NXEnvy X360 15-W102TXEnvy X360 15-W103NAEnvy X360 15-W103NFEnvy X360 15-W103NGEnvy X360 15-W104NAEnvy X360 15-W104NEEnvy X360 15-W104NGEnvy X360 15-W105WMEnvy X360 15-W106NEEnvy X360 15-W107NEEnvy X360 15-W110NDEnvy X360 15-W110NREnvy X360 15-W117CLEnvy X360 15-W150NWEnvy X360 15-W151NWEnvy X360 15-W152NWEnvy X360 15-W154NREnvy X360 15-W154NWEnvy X360 15-W155NREnvy X360 15-W158CAEnvy X360 15-W160NZEnvy X360 15-W172NWEnvy X360 15-W181NREnvy X360 15-W190NBEnvy X360 15-W191MSEnvy X360 15-W192NBEnvy X360 15-W199UREnvy X360 15-W237CLEnvy X360 15-W267CLEnvy X360 15-W291MSEnvy X360 Convertible 15Envy X360 M6-W010DXEnvy X360 M6-W011DXEnvy X360 M6-W014DXEnvy X360 M6-W015DXEnvy X360 M6-W101DXEnvy X360 M6-W102DXEnvy X360 M6-W103DXEnvy X360 M6-W105DXPavilion X360 13-S000NAPavilion X360 13-S000NCPavilion X360 13-S000NJPavilion X360 13-S000NKPavilion X360 13-S000NMPavilion X360 13-S000NSPavilion X360 13-S000NTPavilion X360 13-S000NVPavilion X360 13-S000URPavilion X360 13-S001LAPavilion X360 13-S001NFPavilion X360 13-S001NJPavilion X360 13-S001NSPavilion X360 13-S001NVPavilion X360 13-S001NXPavilion X360 13-S001URPavilion X360 13-S002NAPavilion X360 13-S002NFPavilion X360 13-S002NSPavilion X360 13-S002NXPavilion X360 13-S003NAPavilion X360 13-S003NFPavilion X360 13-S003NSPavilion X360 13-S004NIPavilion X360 13-S005NCPavilion X360 13-S006NAPavilion X360 13-S006NIAPavilion X360 13-S007NCPavilion X360 13-S008NAPavilion X360 13-S008NCPavilion X360 13-S008NEPavilion X360 13-S010NDPavilion X360 13-S010NEPavilion X360 13-S011NIAPavilion X360 13-S012NEPavilion X360 13-S013NEPavilion X360 13-S014NEPavilion X360 13-S020CAPavilion X360 13-S020NRPavilion X360 13-S021CAPavilion X360 13-S025NDPavilion X360 13-S030NGPavilion X360 13-S030NOPavilion X360 13-S030NWPavilion X360 13-S031NOPavilion X360 13-S035NOPavilion X360 13-S036CAPavilion X360 13-S040NZPavilion X360 13-S050NAPavilion X360 13-S054NAPavilion X360 13-S054SAPavilion X360 13-S056NWPavilion X360 13-S058NWPavilion X360 13-S060NAPavilion X360 13-S060NBPavilion X360 13-S060SAPavilion X360 13-S061NAPavilion X360 13-S061SAPavilion X360 13-S069NAPavilion X360 13-S083NOPavilion X360 13-S084NOPavilion X360 13-S099NRPavilion X360 13-S100Pavilion X360 13-S100CYPavilion X360 13-S100NAPavilion X360 13-S100NDPavilion X360 13-S100NFPavilion X360 13-S100NIAPavilion X360 13-S100NJPavilion X360 13-S100NKPavilion X360 13-S100NLPavilion X360 13-S100NQPavilion X360 13-S100NSPavilion X360 13-S100NTPavilion X360 13-S100NVPavilion X360 13-S100NXPavilion X360 13-S100URPavilion X360 13-S101CYPavilion X360 13-S101LAPavilion X360 13-S101NFPavilion X360 13-S101NGPavilion X360 13-S101NIPavilion X360 13-S101NIAPavilion X360 13-S101NJPavilion X360 13-S101NKPavilion X360 13-S101NLPavilion X360 13-S101NPPavilion X360 13-S101NSPavilion X360 13-S101NTPavilion X360 13-S101NVPavilion X360 13-S101NXPavilion X360 13-S101TUPavilion X360 13-S101URPavilion X360 13-S102NFPavilion X360 13-S102NJPavilion X360 13-S102NOPavilion X360 13-S102NPPavilion X360 13-S102NSPavilion X360 13-S102NTPavilion X360 13-S102NUPavilion X360 13-S102NVPavilion X360 13-S102NXPavilion X360 13-S102TUPavilion X360 13-S103LAPavilion X360 13-S103NEPavilion X360 13-S103NFPavilion X360 13-S103NIPavilion X360 13-S103NIAPavilion X360 13-S103NOPavilion X360 13-S103NPPavilion X360 13-S104LAPavilion X360 13-S104NCPavilion X360 13-S104NEPavilion X360 13-S104NIAPavilion X360 13-S104NLPavilion X360 13-S105NAPavilion X360 13-S105NCPavilion X360 13-S105NDPavilion X360 13-S105NFPavilion X360 13-S105NIAPavilion X360 13-S105NLPavilion X360 13-S105NOPavilion X360 13-S106NFPavilion X360 13-S106NOPavilion X360 13-S107NFPavilion X360 13-S107NLPavilion X360 13-S108NAPavilion X360 13-S108NFPavilion X360 13-S109NLPavilion X360 13-S115NLPavilion X360 13-S120CAPavilion X360 13-S120DSPavilion X360 13-S120NRPavilion X360 13-S120WMPavilion X360 13-S121CAPavilion X360 13-S121DSPavilion X360 13-S122DSPavilion X360 13-S122NRPavilion X360 13-S123CAPavilion X360 13-S123CLPavilion X360 13-S125NDPavilion X360 13-S128NRPavilion X360 13-S130NGPavilion X360 13-S131NGPavilion X360 13-S133NWPavilion X360 13-S140NZPavilion X360 13-S142NFPavilion X360 13-S143NFPavilion X360 13-S150NAPavilion X360 13-S150SAPavilion X360 13-S151NMPavilion X360 13-S153NWPavilion X360 13-S160NBPavilion X360 13-S161NBPavilion X360 13-S161NRPavilion X360 13-S162NBPavilion X360 13-S167NRPavilion X360 13-S168NRPavilion X360 13-S178NRPavilion X360 13-S179NRPavilion X360 13-S180NOPavilion X360 13-S181NDPavilion X360 13-S181NOPavilion X360 13-S184NGPavilion X360 13-S185NOPavilion X360 13-S186NOPavilion X360 13-S192NRPavilion X360 13-S194NRPavilion X360 13-S195NRPavilion X360 13-S199NRPavilion X360 13-S199URPavilion X360 15-BK000Pavilion X360 15-BK000NEPavilion X360 15-BK000NGPavilion X360 15-BK000NKPavilion X360 15-BK000NOPavilion X360 15-BK000NSPavilion X360 15-BK000NTPavilion X360 15-BK000NUPavilion X360 15-BK000NVPavilion X360 15-BK000NXPavilion X360 15-BK001DSPavilion X360 15-BK001NFPavilion X360 15-BK001NGPavilion X360 15-BK001NKPavilion X360 15-BK001NSPavilion X360 15-BK001NTPavilion X360 15-BK001NXPavilion X360 15-BK001TXPavilion X360 15-BK001URPavilion X360 15-BK002CYPavilion X360 15-BK002DSPavilion X360 15-BK002NGPavilion X360 15-BK002NIPavilion X360 15-BK002NIAPavilion X360 15-BK002NKPavilion X360 15-BK002NXPavilion X360 15-BK002TXPavilion X360 15-BK003CYPavilion X360 15-BK003DSPavilion X360 15-BK003NKPavilion X360 15-BK003NXPavilion X360 15-BK003URPavilion X360 15-BK004NAPavilion X360 15-BK004NCPavilion X360 15-BK004NOPavilion X360 15-BK004URPavilion X360 15-BK005NEPavilion X360 15-BK006NAPavilion X360 15-BK007NAPavilion X360 15-BK009NAPavilion X360 15-BK010NRPavilion X360 15-BK015NRPavilion X360 15-BK020WMPavilion X360 15-BK021NRPavilion X360 15-BK027CLPavilion X360 15-BK056NAPavilion X360 15-BK056SAPavilion X360 15-BK057NAPavilion X360 15-BK057SAPavilion X360 15-BK060NAPavilion X360 15-BK060SAPavilion X360 15-BK062NAPavilion X360 15-BK062SAPavilion X360 15-BK074NRPavilion X360 15-BK075NRPavilion X360 15-BK076NRPavilion X360 15-BK099NIAPavilion X360 15-BK100NAPavilion X360 15-BK100NQPavilion X360 15-BK100NTPavilion X360 15-BK100NVPavilion X360 15-BK100NXPavilion X360 15-BK100URPavilion X360 15-BK101NAPavilion X360 15-BK101NTPavilion X360 15-BK101URPavilion X360 15-BK102NAPavilion X360 15-BK102NGPavilion X360 15-BK102URPavilion X360 15-BK103NAPavilion X360 15-BK103NGPavilion X360 15-BK104NAPavilion X360 15-BK105NAPavilion X360 15-BK105URPavilion X360 15-BK106URPavilion X360 15-BK117CLPavilion X360 15-BK127CLPavilion X360 15-BK137CLPavilion X360 15-BK149NZPavilion X360 15-BK150NAPavilion X360 15-BK150SAPavilion X360 15-BK151NRPavilion X360 15-BK152NAPavilion X360 15-BK152NRPavilion X360 15-BK152SAPavilion X360 15-BK153NRPavilion X360 15-BK157CLPavilion X360 15-BK163DXPavilion X360 15-BK167CLPavilion X360 15-BK170NBPavilion X360 15-BK177CLPavilion X360 15-BK193MSPavilion X360 15T-BK000Pavilion X360 Convertible 13X360 330 G1

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HP LE03XL battery for X360 Convertible Envy X360 15-W, X360 Convertible 15, X-360 M6-W, Pavilion X360 13-S